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"cash and a key"

Translation:نُقود وَمِفْتاح

July 31, 2019



I thought money was "maal" ? What kind of Arabic is this?

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The two are correct, either نقود or مال

This said, though, the word نقود (nuqúd) is not used for general purposes but it is confined to currency and the every day object. (Mál: مال) on the other hand is more general and can be used almost in any situation. It is also used in forming adjectives, e.g. Ministry of Finance وزارة المالية , here we make مال into an adjective مالية. Another example: The financial situation الوضع المالي

So, the two are correct, but (Mál) is more general and can have other uses when adjectives are formed out of it, while (Nuqúd) is mostly limited to the currency and banknotes we deal with every day.


Thanks TJ! This is very good to know

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