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Arabic is the worst course you can ever imagine

I'm a native speaker and I was curious to take a look at the tree after that Arabic came out of the incubator few months ago, I also wanted to help out with the translation and everything, and I was shocked when I started, that's not even Arabic, not the way we're used to learn in Duolingo, not the best order of skills, not even the phrases needed, extremely weird and complicated for nothing. I'm so disappointed, sorry for the contributors, no offense, I know you took time and effort to make this, but it's not at all what should be given to learners who're investing in such a hard language, I hope you can fix this soon and thanks for your efforts.

July 31, 2019



Many native speakers complained about this course just like you. The course is still in the Beta version, I hope they'll fix all of that by the time they officially release it. If you can, please try helping them out. (I'm focusing on my Spanish for now, that way by the time I'm done I'll have the fixed Arabic course hehe ;P ...hopefully ;v;)

GL! :D


it might not be the best but it has a lot of merits. this course is addressing the difficulties a beginner might have. This course is helping me recognize the arabics characters. it works very well.


I like the course; as already mentioned, it is in BETA, which means that it will certainly be tweaked and expanded.

Moreover, it is free.

I really like the slow progress; I wouldn't be able to cope with more new material faster.

And of course, Duolingo is not my only source. It never is. :-) But it gives me a steady flow of practice, which is great.

Re-reading the title of this thread, I find it completely inappropriate.


Re-reading the title of this thread, I find it completely inappropriate.

Agreed :/ Unnecessarily harsh, especially for a course still in it's infancy.


Thanks for your input, Diidoo. I am sure there are many glitches in the Arabic Duo, but for a total beginner like me, it is at least one great and slow enough way to learn something. Hopefully, the full version will be available by the time I finish the program as it is. It will take me months if not years to understand your critique! But thanks for the heads-up.


Totally agree, I'm the only non-Arabic, well poor Arabic speaker in my household. I was screaming bored at 1 week. By the 2nd week I passed both checkpoints. If I had enough lingots I would have tested out of more. Level 2 phrases I finally found something new, but still screaming bored by the matching quizzes. Do the ever use any of those words for anything beyond those ---- quizzes?

I've stuck with it only because anything is better than catching a word here & there, but never the full picture while my husband & kids converse.


Both agree and disagree. The complaints have been made by others, so: Trying to look on the positive side: the whole repetition of matching pairs is boring but it actually for me recognizing letters and reading them or loud in my mind rather quickly. However; I do make sure the sound is turned off (on my mobile, not in my head :)). Shame, but I don't fancy learning wrong pronunciation.

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