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"Peter does not want the knife."

Translation:पीटर को चाकू नहीं चाहिए।

August 1, 2019



What use does को have in this sentence?


The Hindi sentence would be literally translated as 'To Peter, the knife is not wanted'. को corresponds to 'To' here.

Sentences with चाहिए have to be constructed this way.


I seem to remember there have been many sentences in the course where the word for "want" has been used without "ko/ka/ki". What could explain this? (I hope my meaning is understood as I cannot type Hindi with my phone)


The को is necessary only with the चाहिए form.
Other forms of चाहना behave like any other verb and don't need the को.
I have explained the difference between using chahiye and other forms of chahna in a comment below.

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