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  5. "لٰكِنّ اَلْمَطْعَم غالي."

"لٰكِنّ اَلْمَطْعَم غالي."

Translation:But the restaurant is expensive.

August 1, 2019



Lekin is used for but in urdu and hindi as well. I'm from India.


Lekin is used in Uzbek too, the translation is the same (I am from Uzbekistan). The original version is in Arabic. When Arabic troops spread all over the world, this word came to our languages, including Turkish languages, and your suggestions: urdu and hindi.


In swahili, the equivalent of لكن is "lakini". Seems like a lot of languages are based off of that


what is wrong with "However, the restaurant is expensive." ?

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Is "however" replaceable with "but" in English?


Not only can BUT be replaced with HOWEVER, but, strictly, BUT should not begin a sentence. It's a marked construction. Of course it's commonly used orally, where all sorts of things are permitted.


So لٰكِنّ is not its direct equivalent.


The really pressing question is - can Arabic sentences start with "lekin"? Because English can't start with "but". Obviously it might be fine while speaking casually, but can we do this in formal writing?

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Didn't encounter the situation before, but it seems indeed cumbersome to start with لكن, but to me it sounds fine to start with ولكن. Of course, here, I'm talking about starting with a specific word after a period or full stop, or a new paragraph completely.


Please note in the word bank for this question they have both 'but' and 'But'. I think they mean to stress this is not a full sentence. So it doesn't indicate that in arabic 'but' can start a sentence.

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why "لكن المطعم غالي " is not accepted?


I wrote "but the restaurant's expensive" and they told me is wrong!!!

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Duolingo sometimes does not identify abbreviations like ('s). Also this abbreviation might be understood as Genitive (i.e. of the restaurant).

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