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  5. "Mom, water for me please."

"Mom, water for me please."

Translation:E māmā, i wai naʻu ke ʻoluʻolu.

August 1, 2019



There was a question of why tripe stew had to be preceded by a ka a few sentences back. It was responded to with an "I need examples of when adding ka is wrong." Here is one: Water for me please" doesn't like ka wai.


E ha'awi mai i wai na'u. = Give some water for me. i here marks an indefinite amount Makemake au i ka wai. = I like water. ka signals that water here refers to a general category

[deactivated user]

    Why is "māmā" not capitalized? It is being used as a her name.


    I agree. If it is not an i'oa then shouldn't it have a ka'i as a categorical noun?


    I found that i'oa means proper noun, but what is ka'i?


    ka'i = an article like "the". If your exiting the bus in English you say "Thanks, driver", in Hawaiian "Mahalo e ke kalaiwa." ( not "Mahalo e kalaiwa.")

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