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  5. "Where are you, Bob?"

"Where are you, Bob?"

Translation:أَيْن أَنْتَ يا بوب؟

August 1, 2019



Why do we have to go into comments in order to hear the sentence pronounced? Please give us the opportunity to hear the answers on the same page.


On laptop computer it was in the regular first part. Perhaps it works differently with iphones? [Addendum to your response to avoid piling up back-and-forth: That's interesting that it's that way for you. I don't know why it wasn't that way for me. I hope it gets resolved.]


I am on an android phone and a desktop computer On both I have to comment before hearing it pronounced


I read that Duolingo was running an A and B test group to determine which presentation of lessons works better. If this is true, maybe you are in a different test group than we are. I do my lessons on a computer and I have sound both in the discussion and in the exercise.


Would be great with the pronounciation...


Would be better still if script were big enough to see.


I cant listen even in the comments section


it says i have typos, but i didn't type anything.???

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