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The Arabic course has many mistakes.

I am a native speaker of Arabic. I also had learned Arabic for 12 years in school. I've taken the placement test, and it is full of mistakes. First: Words in formal Arabic are pronounced differently according to their function in the sentence. Example: نام الطفلُ. الطفل in the sentence above is subject that's mean this is who did the action. The word here is pronounced with a soft (o) sound. but in the sentence below, the same word is a compliment. أنجبت المرأة الطفلَ. Here, the same word is pronounced with a soft (a) sound. In the placement test, the words were pronounced differently according to gender which is a different case. I know the Arabic course is in Beta test, but they should make people who studied Arabic test that course.

August 1, 2019



Pues, es una pena que se enseñe solo el العربية الفصحى


Now I wish you were my Arabic teacher


Thanks a lot. I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel to teach English speakers Arabic, but it might take a while. If I may ask where are you from? :)


That would be awesome. I am from Poland.


وشكرا ♥My brother Arabic is a beautiful and easy language


"Beautiful"? - yes. "Easy"??? No way!

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