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My Fun Spanish Interactions at Work

So today was just another day at work for me. I mentioned this in a previous post but I work at Levi’s and work is the best chance I have at utilizing my Spanish since most of the customers are tourists from Latino countries.

Anyways I was at the cash register today and I was ringing up this Hispanic lady and her daughter. I don’t remember if I said anything to her before what I’m about to share, but after I finished ringing her up, I decided to ask how she was gonna pay in Spanish. Only thing is... I messed up, & this isn’t the first time I’ve said this lol.

When I asked how she wanted to pay I said “ Efectivo o Dinero?” I immediately caught myself afterwards and corrected to “Efectivo o Tarjeta”. We laughed it off and the daughter asked me if I was learning Spanish, & I told her I was using Duolingo. (First time I did this, I got clowned by my Spanish coworker, not in a bad way tho)

Anyways when I was at the cash register another time, I had this lady who immediately asked if I spoke Spanish, & I replied “Un poco”. Don’t remember exactly what order this went in but I told her “ Yo uso Duolingo” and she got ecstatic because she replied that she used it too for English, but she said that English was hard to learn. I asked her “ De donde usted” and she replied that she’s from El Salvador.

I asked if she was here on vacation and she said yes. I asked if she had family here & she said no, but she told me she was here with her husband and two daughters. I asked if they went to Disney and she said yes as well. I told her that’s disney “ es muy divertido” and that my grandma works there.

After ringing her up, I went back to the sales floor. I say 20-30 minutes later a lady approached me & asked “Hablas espanol? I noticed it was the same lady and monuments later she recognized me too. I noticed now that she was with her husband and two daughters she told me about. She told the husband about me that I was the boy who spoke Spanish that helped her. I shook the mans hand and he asked for my name I and replied “Devon” (Duh-von). He tried repeating it and he told me it sounded like Lebron and he made a shooting motion with his hands. I started laughing cause it did sound like it when he was pronouncing it. Anyways I met her two daughters and the rest of her family, helped them find some more jeans and they were on their way. After that I also had the chance to ring up their eldest daughter with I’m assuming was her grandma. They asked how I spoke Spanish so well and I told them “ Yo uso Duolingo”. They had an astounded look on their faces and asked me if that’s all that I used. I also told them that “ yo tomar clases en mi escuela” as well. We talked a bit more and said our goodbyes but today was just another good day at work.

Just wanted to share today’s experience with you all.

August 1, 2019



Thanks for your story. Mastering small talk and everyday conversation is the key, in my opinion. After all, how many of us are learning another language so we can use it to write our doctoral dissertation?

August 1, 2019


Lol definitely not I, totally agree with you

August 1, 2019


You are an inspiration to us all, really, to just give it a whirl, risk being embarassed (really the earth will not open and swallow you in hahahaha) and connecting with people.
Thank you for the very cool story.

August 1, 2019


How come... this post was posted 17 hours ago yet came up on my new? Hmm?

August 2, 2019
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