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"لَيْسَ عِنْد جودي تي شيرْت أَبْيَض."

Translation:Judy does not have a white t-shirt.

August 1, 2019



When do we use "abyaD" and when do we use "baiDa", since both means "white"?


Each color corresponds to three specific letters. For example...

z r k (blue)

b y d (white)

b n y (brown) etc..

Each color has masculine and feminine gender assigned to them based on the location of the three letters.

Masculine: a 2 _ _ a _

Feminine: _ a _ _ a 2

Fill in the blanks with the three letters from a color to observe its masculine or feminine form.

Furthermore, the gender of a color is determined by the object it applies to when used as an adjective, not the person you are speaking to.

I hope that helps.


Btw judy is woman right? Why don't use بيضاء



disini "putih" adalah sifat untuk t-shirt. Sedangkan, t-shirt sendiri adalah bentuk laki-laki. Maka, "putih" juga menggunakan bentuk laki-laki.

I hope you understand my statement. If not, I will change my language.

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