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  5. "Where is the kitchen?"

"Where is the kitchen?"

Translation:Onde é a cozinha?

April 17, 2013



Can't you say cadê a cozinha?


that sounds strange since cozinha can't move...but if you're in a hotel, for instance, and can't find the kitchen after looking for it for a while, you can use this sentence.


I tried it and it was accepted.


How do we know when to use onde or aonde?


Most of time we use them interchangeable, but onde shows permanence "onde é a cozinha" and aonde a moviment to another place "aonde você está indo?" = "where are you going?"


Technically, aonde = a + onde = to where (thus its used for movements towards destinations). The interchangeability is colloquial. Formally they are not interchangeable.


Would you use ser or estar for this sentence? I don't think that both could be correct like it says...


You can also use "ficar", I believe. Onde fica a cozinha?


Yup :) ser and ficar for things that cant move to another place.. ;)


Hummm.... sometimes we use "estar". You are gonna visit your friend's new house and then you may ask: "onde é/está a cozinha?", but it's better to use "ser"


Oh dear...that´s going to be confusing. Eight years of Spanish ser vs. estar are not going to like this... I hope there´s a lesson on the difference in Portuguese!


It was described to me to think of them as "state" (estar) vs "essence" (ser) instead of "permanent" vs "temporary", though I'll admit that doesn't always help me either. I'm still fighting with the Spanish usage too.


Yes this is confusing me too.


I thought estar or ficar would be preferable for location, especially for immovable things


Could someone explain the difference in using cade for where and onde for where please. Obrigada.


From what I know as a learner, both have the same meaning. "Cadê" tends to be more informal and you might this use this one more in spoken form. However, informal or proper written Portuguese you would have to use "onde". Keep in mind when using "Cadê", you have to use an article with it. For example: Where is the kitchen? you would say " Cadê a cozinha?"


Cant you also say onde esta a cozinha? O onde fica a conzinha?


"Onde está" is used for movable things or when you can't find something/a place.

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