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Australian learning Indonesian.

Hi friends,

My name is Nick (Nama saya Nick) and I am learning Indonesian. I learned at school but have forgotten most of it and I am wanting to take up the language again. I would love to be able to talk with other users who are also learning Indonesian to further my skills and knowledge. I am heading to Yogyakarta on the 18th of August with my indonesian girlfriend. Please feel free to get in contact with me my username is Nick188836.


August 2, 2019



In Yogya with your girlfriend, hmm..that's perfect...if you have the time and you're into cultural stuff, you should check out the "Ramayana" open air performance at the Prambanan temple.
It's epic.


Hello there Nick! Hope your Indonesian better. I am an Indonesian learning English. I hope you enjoy Yogya


Halo, senang bertemu denganmu. Nama saya Berry, selamat bersenang2 di Indonesia!! Bahasa Indonesia lebih mudah daripada kebanyakan bahasa2. Jg, kamu tahu "maksih", sngt bgus!!


Hi, Nick. I hope you have a fun time in Indonesia! If you have time, try to visit the Ullen Sentalu museum.

If you are looking to go to the Merapi jeep ride, or any mountain jeep ride, I suggest you Google up the last activity of the mountain. Indonesia in in the ring of fire, also due to the 7,4 Earthquake on Friday.

I hope you have fun in Indonesia!


Hi there Nick, I am Australian and learning Indonesian. I hope your trip to Yogyakarta was great. I plan to head there next year.

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