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  5. "You're welcome, Farid."

"You're welcome, Farid."

Translation:عَفْواً يا فَريد.

August 2, 2019



audio please!
thank you.


You're welcome means أهلا not عفوا which means sorry


"3fwan" can also be a reply to "shokran" ("thank you"). But I agree that "ahlan" could also be used here in the sense of "You're welcome (to my house), Farid"


Are you doing anything to increase the size of the letters as folks with vision issues find these small letters very frustrating and the cause for mistakes.


"ahlan" should be accepted (as in "ahlan wa sahlan"). "You're welcome" has two senses in English: as a reply to "thank you" ("shokran") and as in , "welcome to the neighborhood" (which would be "ahlan") in this case.


Needs a clue to which "you're welcome" is intended


If I hear just "You're welcome" in English, it's a response to "Thank you." To have another meaning, it needs more to the sentence, as in "You're welcome to come visit my home anytime."


You are right Michelle.. . Welcoming someone to a place is Ahlan (or Ahlan wa Sahlan) . Afwan is as you say a response to "thank you" (meaning something like "don't mention, its nothing, you welcome ..)
But .. Afwan has also the meaning of "sorry... excuse me..." like when you didn't understand what someone just said "Afwan, min fadlik takrar" or آسف من فضلك تكرار "Asif, min fadlik takrar" : beide betekenen "Sorry , please repeat" (a bit like Afwan is used when you say ..euhhh what...say again... and Asif more nicely saying sorry, could you repeat please... in my opinion)


Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining, Mark :)


Une fois c est halen et une autre fois c est welcome . The translation are very confusing


(ahlan) est généralement utilisé pour accueillir quelqu'un dans un lieu (par exemple à la maison) (portier d'un restaurant, d'un hôtel, etc. dit "ahlan" quand tu entres) - (Afwan) vous pouvez utiliser si vous ne comprenez pas quelque chose et dites "Excusez-moi?" "mais aussi si, par exemple, vous aidez quelqu'un avec quelque chose et il vous remercie ... vous dites (afwan) comme pas de problème - de rien ...

si vous apprenez l'arabe à partir de l'anglais et que l'anglais n'est pas votre langue maternelle, cela pourrait rendre la confusion encore plus grande (c'est comme ça pour moi, ma langue maternelle est le néerlandais) Consultez également d’autres cours en ligne et des vidéos sur les langues .... Duolingo n’est pas le seul, il a aussi ses inconvénients. Succès et amusez-vous


There's no explantion and nothing has come before to link it. No hints. No audio. No idea.


How is Welcome not accepted for: you're welcome?? Need a little tweaking no?

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