Nog vs Nog steeds

what is the difference between these two? in the Adverbs 1 lesson Duolingo used nog steeds all the time, but now in the Er lesson it ussed only "nog" in the following sentence:

"Er liggen nog een paar dingen op tafel"

using "nog steeds" in that sentence would be incorrect?

Could somebody tell me the difference please?

August 2, 2019


Imagine, mother has prepared dinner and wants her son to clear the table so the family can eat there. After a minute the son asks: okay like this mom? And the mother replies:

"Nee Jan, er liggen NOG een paar dingen op tafel"

Son does another attempt to prepare the table for dinner, and asks again: is it okay now, mom?

Mother now, probably a bit agitated, may reply:

"Nee, er liggen NOG STEEDS een paar dingen op tafel"

I think in Spanish:

"TodavĂ­a hay algunas cosas sobre la mesa"

Mother would say both times the same sentence, while stressing the word 'todavia' the second time.

August 2, 2019

'Nog' means 'still' in the sense that there not everything has been put away. 'Nog steeds' means 'still' in the time-sense. They were there a time ago and they are still there.

Ik heb hem nog niet gezien => Is Peter here? I haven't seen him yet. Ik heb hem nog steeds niet gezien => I still haven't seen him. Meaning that you have been looking for him for a while, but still haven't seen him.

August 2, 2019

Nog een paar = yet another pair;
Nog steeds een paar = still together as a pair.

August 2, 2019

I'd say that for "nog steeds" you would have expected it to happen already, but it still hasn't, whereas with "nog" it could've happened, but it's less urgent or expected. Here's an example:

"Ik heb het boek nog niet gelezen" = I haven't read the book yet (but will probably do it in the future)

"Ik heb het boek nog steeds niet gelezen" = I haven't read the book yet (and I really should've by now!)

Another example:

"Ik snap dit woord nog niet" = I don't understand this word yet (but might in the future)

"Ik snap dit woord nog steeds niet" = I still don't understand this word (but I've really tried, and should've understood it by now)

August 4, 2019
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