"kaʻu ʻeke"

Translation:my bag

August 2, 2019



Is there a difference between 'ka'u' and 'ko'u'? Don't they both mean "my"?

August 2, 2019


In Hawaiian, a-class vs. o-class possessives distinguish between things that you acquire through life (a-class) from things that you were born with, have no choice on acquiring, can get inside of /on top of (like a car).

So in this example, because the bag is something you acquire in life, you would say "kaʻu ʻeke". Things like your name and your parents/siblings would be o-class using "koʻu." Your children would be considered a-class as they were acquired through life. Cars and houses are "koʻu" because you can get inside of them, they are a vessel.

Hope this helps a bit!

August 6, 2019
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