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How long will this be in Beta

I am not learning French, and don't intend to for a while, but I am wondering how long DuoLingo is going to spend on the Beta version... Is it possible they can add another language (I hope Russian is next) and put that in Beta at the same time?

July 22, 2012



A clarification of what the difference between "beta" and not statuses on the languages mean would be helpful, as well. If I've missed that somewhere, please point it to me!

Another something I might have missed - allowing some users into a closed beta (before the open beta) of new languages in development may be helpful in finding issues more effectively, as well. With this, an ability to reset single languages (to give the beta tester a chance to restart once the language is more refined) would be useful, as well.


My guess (as others have likely said) is that the French material may be newer and thus have fewer alternate correct answers, as well have specific issues like different words which have the same pronunciation.

Thus, you can learn a language, but you may encounter problems. My guess is that this will become much more likely at higher levels. (There were several issues with the higher level Spanish lessons.)

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