"Do you want to work out in the afternoon?"

Translation:Makemake ʻoe e hoʻoikaika kino i ka ʻauinalā?

August 2, 2019



Why use the e instead of i

August 2, 2019


Aloha e @Konated , remember that in English the infinitive form of a verb actually includes the word "to" before it. That "to" is not the same "to" as in "I go to the store." Itʻs better to think of it as actually part of the tense of the verb. See how in "I want to go to the store," the first "to" has a different meaning than the second "to," but why is it the same word in English? Thatʻs an English thing.

In Hawaiian; however, those 2 "to"s are actually different words. "Infinitive form" for many verbs in Hawaiian is preceded by "e" (I say many because not all "infinitive forms" in hawaiian use "e" ). So in the following example:

Makemake ʻoe e hoʻoikaika kino i ka ʻauinalā? - (e hoʻoikaika kino) = "to work out" (where "to" is used as a tense marker in English and can be considered part of the verb)

I hope this helps!!

August 6, 2019
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