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"Do you want to work out in the afternoon?"

Translation:Makemake ʻoe e hoʻoikaika kino i ka ʻauinalā?

August 2, 2019



Why use the e instead of i


Aloha e @Konated , remember that in English the infinitive form of a verb actually includes the word "to" before it. That "to" is not the same "to" as in "I go to the store." Itʻs better to think of it as actually part of the tense of the verb. See how in "I want to go to the store," the first "to" has a different meaning than the second "to," but why is it the same word in English? Thatʻs an English thing.

In Hawaiian; however, those 2 "to"s are actually different words. "Infinitive form" for many verbs in Hawaiian is preceded by "e" (I say many because not all "infinitive forms" in hawaiian use "e" ). So in the following example:

Makemake ʻoe e hoʻoikaika kino i ka ʻauinalā? - (e hoʻoikaika kino) = "to work out" (where "to" is used as a tense marker in English and can be considered part of the verb)

I hope this helps!!


Mahalo nui for that explanation! I had the same question, because I've been studying Hawaiian for years and I've never encountered the infinitive form in Hawaiian.


I've never heard it explained like that before. Ok thank you


Mahalo, e Kekoa. BEST explanation of the use of 'e'


What is wrong with "ke awakea" instead of "ka 'auinalā"?


I came here wondering that too. I just asked one of my friends and they explained:

Awakea is for middle of the day times including both before and after noon like 10a, 11a, 12p, 1p so if we wanted to specifically ask about working out after noon only, we should use ‘Auinalā. :)


Well we should be able to use "ahiahi" but it says its still wrong lol


Why is ke awakea and ka aiunala used interchangeably by the app in questions but not accepted in answering in the same apparently flexible fashion?


I am wondering the same thing. It seems that there is cultural ambiguity here that should be accounted for.


Sometimes I try 'Mamake', sometimes it is correct, but not here)


I did the same thing... "Mamake" is how people actually say it 90% of the time.


never experience ʻeʻ used in this type of sentence


The words needed to correctly answer were not included!

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