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  5. "اَلْأَكْل مُمْتِع."

"اَلْأَكْل مُمْتِع."

Translation:Eating is fun.

August 2, 2019



So how does one distinguish between 'the food is fun' and 'eating is fun'? Or is it purely contextual?

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I was answering someone else about similar sentence. I think here they should have used the word طعام (t^a3ám) for "food" instead of الأكل. Because the latter is more likely to be translated as "eating" rather than "food". Apparently the creators of the course are stuffing dialectical use of the word here. In our daily dialect usage we do use the word "Akl" to mean "food" but this is not how it should be in proper Arabic.


Thank you very much


"The food is fun" would hardly be heard in English. "This food is fun" possibly, "Food is fun" slightly more likely.


When must we "feminize" (or use ة in) verbal nouns?

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If you mean الأكل (eating) then the noun is as it is. Nouns don't convert genders in Arabic unless in specific categories (e.g. professions). But nouns of general aspects or things, are fixed with their genders. Some nouns, though, can be considered both and they are few (e.g. سِكّين sikkeen, Knife).


It's sound "el el mumti3"

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