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"عِنْدي مُشْكِلة مَعَ ٱلْحَنَفِيّة في ٱلْمَطْبَخ."

Translation:I have a problem with the faucet in the kitchen.

August 2, 2019



faucet = tap (in case you, like me, didn't know the American term)


Shouldn't it rather be mushkilatun (instead of mushkilatan as it is pronounced) because "problem" is the subject in the sentence "with me is a problem"?

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The whole audio is faulty in fact.

It should be Mushkilatun as you've said. As for 3indii, actually i hear it as 3indii but maybe the speech machine they are using does not make the vowel slender enough so it comes between A and E or I.

Another mistake in the audio here is the kitchen المطبخ ... it is pronounced Al-Matbakh المتبخ


It's written 3indii but pronounced 3andii.


Yes. Could someone explain this regular (mis?)pronunciation of عِنْدي

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well it is (3indí)
The machine says it more like (3endi) not exactly like (3andi) but it's OK - some people (specially in dialects nowadays) do not emphasize the slender sound of (i); Dialects of Arabic has a wider spectrum of vowels than in standard Arabic. In fact, I think Egyptians are more prone to say (3andi) rather than (3indi) - and the machine here, from the tones of it, is based on Egyptian


Thank you, TJ_Q8, dear friend!


It's missing a word, I could not answer correctly.


Are they really teaching us plumbing problems before 123?


The kitchen faucet not accepted

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kitchen faucet is like a composite noun. While in the original sentence in Arabic it has the preposition في (fí: in) which makes it in the kitchen.
Also, I somehow think kitchen faucet is not proper even in English, as usually a faucet is attributed to a "basin" more than the "kitchen" that is.


Hm. "Kitchen tap" sounds all right to me, so presumably "kitchen faucet" sounds all right to an American? Perhaps an American would enlighten us?

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