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  5. "بَيْروت عاصِمة مُهِمّة."

"بَيْروت عاصِمة مُهِمّة."

Translation:Beirut is an important capital.

August 2, 2019



I learned some Arabic at school. They said "Mobtadaa" and "Khabar" should be "Marfou3". In this sentence بَیْروت is "Mobtadaa" and عاصِمة is "Khabar".

"Marfou3" means the words which ”u(short vowel)" or "un(tanwin for u)" are placed on their last letter and sometimes it is irregular like مُعَلِّمانِ and مُعَلِّمونَ. The question is that this case is regular and it is not "Marfou3". I would be grateful if any native Arabic speaker could help me with this.


In this sentence it should be بَيروت عاصِمةٌ مهمةٌ so that it would be "Marfou3"

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