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  5. "مَلِكة فَرَنْسِيّة"

"مَلِكة فَرَنْسِيّة"

Translation:a French queen

August 2, 2019



The last French queen did not get a good fate


Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Louis Bonaparte, died in exile in Spain, but she's actually an empress. More precisely, Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily, wife of Louis Phillippe, died in exile in England.


i hear a T-sound after مَلِكة . Is it actually there or is there a mistake in the audio?

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Yes. The audio is correct.

The word ملكة (queen) ends with Ta'-Marbúta تاء مربوطة which is a letter combining "H" and "T".
In isolated position or at the end of the sentence, this letter would sound as (H), but when moved with a vowel (for any reason), as in this instance, the "H" changes to "T". Here, the word (Malikah) changed to (Maliktun), the last -un sound is called Tanwin (or Nunation) which is one marker for indefinite noun in Arabic (could be considered so). Since we need Tanwin on this word because it is indefinite, the H has been changed to T.


I thought Malika was a name and put "Malika is French" ...

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Your name is Arabic, so I'm kind of surprised about your question actually. Anyway:
Names, are words, and do have meaning usually in any language. It is not typical to name a girl ملكة though, but the common name is usually مليكة (malíkah) with long (i). The name Malíkah can be considered a diminutive form of ملكة (queen), i.e. it means (the little queen).
This said, I wouldn't be surprised if some family named their daughter ملكة - I didn't see someone with such name before but after all it's a word with some meaning and (theoretically) can be used as a name.
So, people who use Arabic names in the West probably mean مليكة when they name their girls Malika. This is a long (i).


Malik is male and Malikatun is female or something?

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Malik = king مَلِك
Malikah = queen مَلِكَة

The (-un) sound is Tanwin or Nunation. Long story about this vowel, anyway for the time being you can consider it the equivalent of the English a/an (indefinite article). When this vowel is added to a word ending in Ta-Marbútah ة this letter changes from (H) to (T). This letter in fact changes to (T) at any vowel. However, when the word is at the end of the sentence, it's ok to drop the last vowel and the sound of (H) is kept.

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