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Duolingo Swag?

I just got this email, supposedly, from Duolingo. I completed the survey, but never saw any mention of what exactly the "swag" is, or if I'm going to receive any at all. I don't really mind... But I'm kinda curious.

Here's the text of the email...

"You conquered the Duolingo tree! Have some swag and share your experience


We noticed you finished the Duolingo Spanish tree. Congratulations!

We’d like to send you a small token of our appreciation* and ask if you’d share some thoughts on your experience. To receive your Duolingo gift, we’ll need your mailing address.

Here is a link to receive the swag and answer the optional survey: link removed

Duolingo loves you!

*We may not be able to send you swag depending on where you live :-( If that happens, we’ll let you know so that you’re not sadly awaiting the post each day."

There you have it, more motivation to finish the tree :)

April 17, 2013



Hi everyone! Congrats on finishing the tree. We're sending stickers to everyone who completed a language tree before a certain date. The survey is to hear your thoughts on Duolingo. We'll be sending out more swag in the future too, so look for more opportunities soon :) Thanks!


what do the stickers look like? goodie!


A swag is an Australian outdoor bedroll or sleeping bag often used by jolly swagmen who sit beside billabongs. They are rather heavy, so I hope Duolingo has accounted for that in the cost of the postage ;-) http://www.swag.com.au/


Yep, got my email today too. I filled out the survey, of course, because I like to share my experience and I'll be glad if it helps to improve Duolingo even more. If there are some country restrictions on sending this "swag", I won't probably get it as I'm in Russia which is rather far from America. I don't care that much. The most important thing I got on Duolingo is the inspiration to learn new languages, and that's truly invaluable!


That was a pretty straight forward survey. Glad I could help.


I also got an email like this, but I haven't filled out the survey for exactly what you mentioned: What is the "swag"?


I got the same email. I'd like to find out to which countries they send that mysterious swag...


I finished the German tree three months ago and received this email about a survey today. The link to the survey is "surveymonkey.com", so I guess it is not directly connected to Duolingo. I would like to know what the swag is before I go ahead with it. I think Duolingo should explain what this is about. It is a good idea that there is some recognition when someone has completely a course on Duolingo, but I am not sure this is what is involved here.


We used surveymonkey just to create the template, but the email and survey questions come directly from our team. We hope you share your thoughts with us! The swag is stickers.


Now I have to hurry, to finish the Spanish skill tree!


Swag is primarily for me what the jolly swagman carries, but in recent times it seems to mean 'goodies' such as freebies etc. you get at conventions and even themed/franchise merchandise.

On that last note... I came to the thread wondering if it was about Duolingo Swag to purchase in a Duolingo Shop, haha! (I would definitely buy an OWL PLUSHIE! :D )

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Hmm, I finished the a tree a couple of days ago and I got no e-mail like that. Guess I missed out.


Probably not, I finished the tree maybe a month ago, and I just now got it.


We'll be sending more emails like this, so keep a look out for one :)

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Cool, I will.


I finished mine months and months ago


i received a similar email today although I finished my Duolingo German tree like 4 months ago, I'm dying to know what it is :)


Ta-daaaam! Today I received my SWAG!! It was a surprise, because I forgot about that and today I got a white envelope with it inside. Thanks Duolingo team! It's a very nice surprise!

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