Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

So I just hit 50 days straight of Gaeilge today (inniu). Periodically, I look at the discussions for various answers, and I see a lot of frustration from people who feel overwhelmed by all the rules for lenitions, eclipses, weird spellings, etc. To be fair to them, it is a lot to take in and depending on how much time you can commit each day to learning, it can feel like you are stuck in the mud.

My approach, so far, has been to not worry about making mistakes. I take my best guess on any given question (ceist) and if I get it wrong, so what? I look at the correct answer, I read a little on the forum to understand why it is that way, and I move on. Eventually, I come back to the one I missed and I try again. Often times, I get the answer wrong again, but eventually I will get it right. It just takes repetition. Doing it again, and again, and again, over and over and over.

Now, I know some people's minds work differently than mine, and boring repetition can drive them away. I understand that, but I just want to stress that, for me, it has been working.

My daily routine is to spend about 1/3 of my time learning new topics and the remaining 2/3 practicing old lessons. I can't tell you how many times I have gone through the Colors or Clothing or Verbs 1, but I can tell you that when those words and sentence structures come up in new lessons, I get them right. I also try to get a couple of hours of practice (or more) per day. I realize that will be impossible for some people who have crazy schedules, etc, but the way I look at it is this: If I watch 2 hours of TV per day, why not give up an hour to work on Duolingo? A little sacrifice goes a long way.

Anyhow, these are just the thoughts of an American in Texas (moving to Utah soon!) who has started and failed to learn a foreign language many times in the past. This is the furthest I have progressed before and the results are paying off, so I figured I would share my experience.

Go n-eírí leat!

August 2, 2019


Yeah keep it up! Btw i was stationed in Texas for a little in the 90s before heading to Hawaii. Never been to Utah.

I generally do my Irish in the mornings on my commute to the city and I've started feeding my family more words and phrases in Irish as well some co-workers.

Here are some good sites that others have laid out so maybe you have them: (english - irish dictionary) (Trinity College's Phonetics & Speech Lab - for pronunciation)

August 3, 2019

Thanks for the links! I have never been to Hawaii, would like to go. Sounds like you were in the military?

August 4, 2019
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