More xp for longer sessions?

Hi fellow students,

I'm learning Swedish at the moment and have over 3000 xp.

I'm just approaching the end of the second checkpoint/block and have noticed the xp per lesson does not scale as you progress further in the learning.

In the earlier lessons you would complete each lesson after 6 questions or so and be awarded 10 xp (+ bonuses) which is great.

But now, at the point I am, it's 12 questions for the same xp. More than double the time spent on each lesson too because sentences get more complex and a lot of new vocab.

Now, I have no real problem with this award system, it's irrelevant in the grander scheme of learning a language BUT the incentive to compete in the bronze/silver/gold leagues etc. gets my knickers in a twist. I've been cracking at it this week but there's just that guy who sits there with 2000+ xp who just keeps getting further, which is great for them. But do you get my point? I get that they could be anyone with any amount of time on their hands to sit for hours learning whatever language but comparing the time I spent this week and last week, I think the xp earned does not reflect the amount of time I spent doing the learning.

Is there some explanation for the lack of xp scaling in lessons with more questions? Is it just part of duolingo's model of making it harder for "advanced" learners?

Maybe when I start the 3rd block we go back to 6 questions for 10 xp? And the same for each subsequent block?

Happy to be corrected, just curious how it works.

August 2, 2019


I would suggest not to worry about the leagues. The learning content gets harder and you don't get more XP if you finish lessons with more questions/harder content. The people who gain a lot of XP in the leagues are either beginners or people re-doing easy levels over and over again to win the league. There are also people "learning" a language while they already know the basics duolingo teaches and so on. Winning a league doesn't mean you learned the most. You just had the most free time or the shortest/easiest lesson. Sometimes when my lessons are easier and I proceed quickly I try to get in higher leagues (two weeks ago I got ruby again, yay me!). This week due to a lack of motivation and LOTS of vocabulary in my "objects"-level I'm at 49th place in Ruby so I'll drop again.

Study for the language, ignore the leagues (unless you have an easy league ;) ) Happy learning!

August 3, 2019

I see, thanks for the insight. Sounds like a broken system, not a big deal anyhow. Onwards and upwards!

August 3, 2019

Leagues are useless in my opinion. The XP's are not really a "broken" system. They just go up if you finish a lesson. Based on the subject it's logical some lessons take more time than others. Don't ever let XP-gaining become your priority. Remember why you came here in the first place and you should be fine with whatever progress you make.

August 3, 2019

Fair enough, yeah it's not a biggie but it's that extra incentive for that extra lesson(s) that over time will become leaps and bounds (so I hope). cheers!

August 4, 2019

I've never paid any mind to the XP, as long as I'm getting my lessons done, I'm content.

August 4, 2019
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