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Arabic Vocabulary

I was wondering if anyone has any links or stuff for basic, starter Arabic vocabulary. I would appreciate if the lists also had pronunciation of the word too (written out).

August 3, 2019



Try this one, if you're already familiar with the alpahbet and how each sound is represented, and can differentiate between "D" & "d" / "T" & "t" etc



Thank you very much. Indeed, this is a nice list for starting with words.


can differentiate between "D" & "d" / "T" & "t" etc

I don't suppose you could give any tips for doing this? I can hear the difference, but I can't really reproduce it. When I try, I just seem to end up aspirating the former letters more. No doubt it's very straightforward once you know how to do it...


Let's see,

"daal د" sounds exactly the same as ‘d’ in English, and involves tapping your tongue onto the middle of your teeth.

For "Daad ض" Raise your tongue to the top so that it touches the upper gum, You'll be feeling the air pressuring coming from the lungs, push it out and get down your tongue (At the same time).

I still believe a good and useful way to learn pronunciation is by audio and video tutorials.

Here is a video tutorial about the pronunciation of the letter ض :


And a video tutorial about pronouncing ص and ض and how they differ from the letters س and د :



Thank you for taking the time to write this; I tried what you suggested and watched the videos, but unfortunately I'm still not getting the right sound. Now I just get an implosive or ejective 'd' depending on when I release my tongue; I certainly don't get the sound the fellow in the first video makes for 'ص' . 'ض' is even more of a mystery.
Thanks anyway, though, and have a lingot. I'm sure I'll work it out eventually.


I will try to give you some hints which might help you, but please be aware that I am not a native speaker and I can not give you a pic here which might explain it a bit better. د Like the German or English 'd' / the top of the tongue is pressing against the hard palate right behind the upper teeth and lower the back of the tongue.

ض The top of the tongue is pressing against the hard palate right behind the upper teeth and elavate the back of the tongue. The edge of the tongue, alongside the inner faces of the top left and/or right molars, produce the letter.

ت The tip of the tongue is pressing against the upper palate right behind the front teeth and the back of the tongue stays low but only produce a soft 't'.

ط Leans against the front teeth slightly more than taa’ and daal because of the strength needed in producing its sound. The back of the tongue goes up.

ص This is a voiceless EN: s or GE: z. Between the top and bottom teeth is an open area which is generally known to make a hissing sound. With the very tip of the tongue is this sound produced. Note that when pronouncing these letters, the front sides of the tongue may touch some of the upper teeth.

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