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"مَطْعَم مُحَمَّد جَميل وَغالي."

Translation:Mohamed's restaurant is pretty and expensive.

August 3, 2019



This course makes me feel stupid regularly. Why isn't it Al Mohamed?


I see where you are coming from. You want to add (AL) to Mohammed because it is a genitive case between مطعم and محمد, is this the case?
In other situations, you are actually right. But here, it is not the case. Because "Mohammed" is a proper name. We do not add (AL) to a proper name to define it. A proper name is defined by its nature as a proper name.


So how would we say "Pretty Mohammed's restaurant is expensive" ?


Actually the proper way to say this in English would be: Mohammed's pretty restaurant is expensive.

Anyway, that would be مطعم محمد الجميل غالٍ (here they use غالي but for grammatical reasons, this is wrong)

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