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"مَطْعَم مُحَمَّد جَميل وَغالي."

Translation:Mohamed's restaurant is pretty and expensive.

August 3, 2019



This course makes me feel stupid regularly. Why isn't it Al Mohamed?


I see where you are coming from. You want to add (AL) to Mohammed because it is a genitive case between مطعم and محمد, is this the case?
In other situations, you are actually right. But here, it is not the case. Because "Mohammed" is a proper name. We do not add (AL) to a proper name to define it. A proper name is defined by its nature as a proper name.


So how would we say "Pretty Mohammed's restaurant is expensive" ?


Actually the proper way to say this in English would be: Mohammed's pretty restaurant is expensive.

Anyway, that would be مطعم محمد الجميل غالٍ (here they use غالي but for grammatical reasons, this is wrong)


What if Mohamed were the name of the restaurant? How would you say "Restaurant Baku is expensive" ?


Such things or type of information are usually delivered by context rather than a specific grammatical rule. So, in your example "Restaurant Baku" - whether the restaurant's name is Baku, or it is located in Baku, both can be delivered as مطعم باكو. This is of course if the receiver and the speaker are on the same page. Things, however, can be made clear a bit by making up a sentence instead of a phrase or an expression of 2 words, in the case of a restaurant located in Baku, by saying (the restaurant which is in Baku) المطعم الذي في باكو (الذي: allaTHí, here stands for "which/who/that"; masculine).

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