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"Tidak bisakah kamu memberikan senyumanmu?"

Translation:Can't you give your smile?

August 3, 2019



Senyum dong ... :)


So much easier and to the point. Thanks.


"give your smile"?? I heard "she smiled at him" or "he gave her a smile" or "she gave him her brightest/dumbest/cheekiest etc smile". While there is no grammatical reason not to say "I gave her my smile" (without adjective), it feels absolutely weird and unnatural to me


Is "bisakah" only used negatively, with "tidak" before, or can you say "say bisakah" as in "I can"??:)


I'm fairly sure "kah" indicates a question. So you can not use "saya bisakah." as "I can."

You could use it as "saya bisakah?" to ask "can I?" But careful. Bisa = to have the means/strength etc. So it's asking "am I capable of doing this?" (Which is not a very common thing to ask. Usually you know best, wether or not you are able to do sth...)

To ask "can/may I do this?" use "bolehkah?"

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