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"Tidak bisakah kamu memberikan senyumanmu?"

Translation:Can't you give your smile?

August 3, 2019



Senyum dong ... :)


So much easier and to the point. Thanks.


"give your smile"?? I heard "she smiled at him" or "he gave her a smile" or "she gave him her brightest/dumbest/cheekiest etc smile". While there is no grammatical reason not to say "I gave her my smile" (without adjective), it feels absolutely weird and unnatural to me


I agree. "Can't you give me a smile" would be a far more natural way of saying this


Is "bisakah" only used negatively, with "tidak" before, or can you say "say bisakah" as in "I can"??:)


I'm fairly sure "kah" indicates a question. So you can not use "saya bisakah." as "I can."

You could use it as "saya bisakah?" to ask "can I?" But careful. Bisa = to have the means/strength etc. So it's asking "am I capable of doing this?" (Which is not a very common thing to ask. Usually you know best, wether or not you are able to do sth...)

To ask "can/may I do this?" use "bolehkah?"

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