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"At least you still have a sense of humor."

Translation:Setidaknya kamu masih punya selera humor.

August 3, 2019



Maka itu...senyum dong :)


English is an extremely subtle language. Because it has taken words and constructs from many other languages it is almost impossible to stick to a set pattern of grammar. Words can mean things in shades of different meanings. I studied B. Indonesia in a language centre in Yogyakarta. It is easy to get to the meaning of what is said in ordinary "bahasa biasa" but once you get into reading serious stuff, poetry etc the refinements' are as subtle as English. Yes...B.I is easy to reach conversation level or use B.Pasar to get what you need but pick up a serious newspaper and see how you go.


Why is 'paling tidak' not accepted?

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