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What about a Persian tree?

I know that a discussion about making a Persian tree on Duolingo already exists. I read many things in some comments on discussions about Persian so some questions came on my mind. And I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering.

I myself have been using Duolingo for almost a year already and can say I am an active learner here. I have an interest in Persian language so would really love to learn it. As many other people in this community, I enjoy learning a language the most when using Duolingo and would really love if it grows even bigger. About a month ago, when finally the Arabic tree for English speakers was released, I noticed the thing that was commented the most was "it's awesome the Arabic tree has been released, what about a Persian course in the incubator now?". As it seems judging by discussions in the forum, I can tell people here have interest in learning Persian here for several years until now. Many people including myself have volunteered for the course, yet no response. I believe there are people who would like to contribute a Persian course for English speakers and also that it's gonna be used by many users. Considering Persian having the same script as the Arabic language, the Arabic tree has now 31 skills which is not bad at all as a beginning. I'm sure it's even going to advance more.

Well, what has also been bothering me is the thought that the reason we don't see a Persian course in the incubator isn't that there's no one capable of doing it but some other problem. This is just a thought of mine that came up after reading countless comments like "I volunteered for the course like 100 times, still no response". So also that's why I'm making this discussion. Please feel free to comment any thought you'd have about such a language to exist here on Duolingo.

Are there more people like me who would like to try learning Persian on Duolingo? Does anyone who has already mastered both English and Persian want to try contributing such a course? Thank you.

August 3, 2019



I was curious so I quickly checked memrise, and they seem to have dozens of user generated courses in Persian, take a look here;



You are right. I will check this out, thanks a lot! :)


If you have volunteered to contribute a course on Duolingo, why not start a Persian course on Wikibooks in the meantime? Wikibooks is run by the same people as Wikipedia so anyone can contribute and it is always free. If a “How to learn Persian” course doesn’t already exist on Wikibooks you could begin one. If one already exists you can help inprove it. Then when the time comes that Duolingo adds Persian to the incubator you will have some experience creating a language course.


Thanks a lot for your helpful response! I will check out what you mentioned, appreciate the time I took you. :-)


You’re welcome! :-)


Already did this. Still thank you for adding it in this discussion as well.

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A few years ago I wrote to the people at Duolingo about learning Persian and I said I would help. But I never had any news from them… That's a pity.


Thank you very much for your input. Well what I made this discussion for is that I thought of hearing other people's opinions about why there's no response after all these tries. Unfortunately I get downvotes. I'm trying to be as nice as possible and just want to see if we can make something after all. Still if there's not going to be such a thing as Persian on Duolingo in the near future, that's okay as well. ^^


Some time ago I asked the same question here, and someone answered: "probably because Iran is banned". Well, Iran isn't the only Persian speaking country, and even if it was, it's a language! There is nothing political about a language. But considering the number of people, including myself, who have volunteered, I think maybe there is some shady reason as to why Duolingo keeps resisting on adding a Persian course or even adding English for Persian speakers. Hope that I'm wrong though.


I agree with you, had the same thoughts actually. I don't want to sound rude and the fact is that I am neither an Iranian, nor an American. I just thought about those "political problems" you mentioned and that's what was bothering me. Well Persian is also an official language in Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well. Although most of the materials to learn Persian online are Iranian, so basically so should go for Duolingo as well. Hope me too I'm wrong, but it just became suspicious to me that so many people keep on volunteering for a Persian tree complaining "there are already languages like Navajo and Klingon, why not a Persian that's spoken by much more people and many people would love to learn it on Duolingo as well". So basically I cannot say anything about politics or something, it's up to other people higher than me on Duolingo if there's gonna be a Persian tree.


Yeah I agree, I saw that Scottish Gaelic had been added to the incubator, and was tempted to comment "if Scottish Gaelic has been added, why can't Persian, a much more popular language, be added?", but I was afraid of all the downvotes xd.


Well I understand you. Hate is one of the biggest problems in forums. When something different than "wow 10000 days streak; thank you Duolingo" is posted, people often just downvote it. That's what happened to me yesterday, when posting this discussions I was -5 at the beginning. Waking up in the morning it was +20. I really don't understand why users need to "hate" in forums when it comes to asking questions, wondering about some things, recommending some new useful things exactly like this with the Persian, etc...


what do they mean by iran is banned? It sounds like passive racism to me.


Same here. Seems it's because of some political problem as mentioned, not because there's no one capable of doing it actually. It's just a guess, but it's a pity if something like politics or misunderstanding between countries would take away our opportunity to be able to learn this awesome language here on Duolingo.


Honestly I used www.easypersian.com, there is more than enough course on that website and the instruction is great.


Thank you very much for this. I will check it out, guess it's gonna be a good source after all.


I can fluently speak Persian, but I can't read or write it, so I asked one of the mods and he didn't know if Persian was going to be added.


I am a Persian native speaker . I can help in this contribution.. :)) I can also help you to learn this language completely. I had a Japanese friend that he learned Persian perfectly.!!


Thank you very much for your input. We will not give up and will keep on trying to do something about it. Duolingo is an awesome source for languages and it would really be nice if we get the opportunity to learn here Persian as well. If you want to give it a try, please visit this page and try to join volunteering for a Persian tree: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204979660-How-can-I-suggest-a-new-language-course-

That's pretty kind of you, thank you. I would like to learn more Persian. I can already read and talk about some everyday topics. I have experience in it but cannot really tell my thoughts completely. I already have the basis, what I need is more practice and study. And what you mentioned about your Japanese friend sounds pretty interesting! I haven't met anyone from Japan having interest in Persian yet. Actually, most of the people I know from there speak only their mother's language, Japanese, also English but not a language like Persian, that's awesome though! But yes, we can try doing something after all about adding Persian on Duolingo as well. Even though I think it more depends on administrators though.


Also Persian does have a few letters and sounds that are different to Arabic, so it's not exactly the same.


Well the pronunciation is generally different. There are four letters in Persian that don't exist in Arabic. Still Persian would be a much easier language to learn after studying Arabic.


what are their factors for putting a language? surely persian has got more speakers than some of the langs here!


As long as I am aware, it depends on how many people have volunteered for the course construction. Since they should be sure it's gonna be a language that people are gonna study when it's going to be released eventually. I think the same way as you, as I mentioned languages like Navajo and Klingon (which of course I don't dislike and respect) that don't really have that many speakers already exist. Persian's creation hasn't started yet though. I wonder why since so many people have volunteered, still no result...


No matter how many qualified people apply to contribute to a course, Duolingo will simply not accept applications unless very specific requirements are met, which are not publicly listed. People whose applications are rejected are not told that their applications have been rejected. That's a mistake.


They hate us (us meaning we who speak persian or live in Iran)

and they = Duo's


That's just a shame. Duolingo's community is big. There are people from any origins, countries, continents and races. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not really in these things, so have no voice commenting. If what you mentioned is the reason for no Persian on Duolingo, that's just a pity...


if that's the truth I will be shocked, but I doubt it, because how can you be a part of a language teaching platform if you hate the languages you are teaching?


Perhaps it would help to put lessons in the discussion forum (if it hasn't been done already).


Now after you mentioned that, thinking about it it's an option. Me too I don't know if it's done, but there may be more progress and also people's attention if we try that. ^^


(Dv'd only because of several other recent posts).

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