Irish Pronunciation

Hello all,

I've been learning Irish here on Duolingo for about a month. It's a great resource, and I'm planning on finishing the tree before moving on to other resources, but there is one thing I need help with.

There's no introduction to pronunciation on Duolingo where we go through the alphabet and learn the phonology of the language. Although I've gained some intuition as to Irish pronunciation, I feel constantly bewildered by new words that sound different than I thought they would.

Does anybody know of good resources to aid my pronunciation?

August 3, 2019


You're a Godsend.

August 4, 2019

try youtube?

August 3, 2019

Consonant pronunciation depends on the vowel that follows. If it is followed by a broad vowel (a, o, u) it is mostly pronounced the same as it is in English. If it is followed by a slender vowel (i, e) most are pronounced as though a short 'y' has been inserted after the consonant. S followed by a slender vowel is pronounced 'sh'.

August 4, 2019
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