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Translation of the "matching exercises"

Interesting: at least half of the "sounds" from the exercises where we just match pairs are actually proper words. Accoding to Google translate at least.

e.g. WRIST رِسُغ = risugh

Is there any list of them yet?

August 4, 2019




At the end of the page under references, there is a box with all the lessons. Press on a skill and it will give you all the letters and words taught in them. ^-^

However, they don't give the translation of the 'sounds' from the matching exercises,


thanks - I know the lovely Wiki. shame about all the words we got used to without knowing their meaning :/

تاج= crown for example :)


Is there nowhere to find a list of the matching words & their meanings? I started writing some down at University L2-7 so there's a lot I've already passed by. I'm super reluctant to go go back to that matching (expletive deleted).

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