To E or not to E, that is my question....

So i have been having trouble with certain sentences, i have managed quite well to figure out patterns so far, but for adjectives i am having trouble, for example

Makkelijk or makkelijke? sometimes its one or sometimes its the other. Again Leuk or Leuke?, Groot or Grote?

Where and why does the E come in, i cant figure this one out.

Thanks :)

August 4, 2019


Look here: Adjectives

August 4, 2019

Hi! When you put the adjectives after the noun then you will never get an 'e' after is. For example: 'Het huis is groot' (The house is big.) So if you put the adjectives before the noun then you do get an 'e' after the adjectives. (This 'rule' has a few exceptions, which I don't think are very often used in my language so don't worry) For example: 'Het grote huis' (The big house.) If you put an 'e' after the adjective or not is depending on the place of the adjective relative to the noun. I hope this helps you in learning Dutch!

August 5, 2019

Thank you, this helps!

August 6, 2019
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