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How to share images in the forum :)

It's easy to share images in the Duolingo forum.

Here's how:

  1. Make a url for the image. You can upload an image to imgur to do this. Once you upload the image - grab the URL.

  2. Enter the following with the url of the image you'd like to share into your comment:


Voila! Duo


June 13, 2014



If you don't remember the syntax or format for adding images, you can always use the Markdown Link (reddit comments). All you have to do is add an ! before [Imgur]. No spaces.


Don't forget to add the exclamation mark!!


Thanks wazzie :)


nice streak you got


she have no streak now lmao


Just whatever you do, don't use clip art :)


Haha! I got it to work!


Yay, got it, thanks for your help Wazzie. :)


Oh really thanks!!!


How do you do that??????????????????


Thank you for your help :]


It worked!! Thanks!


So it's Markdown with an exclamation point at the beginning.

Sidenote: How do you add long dashes?


You can copy and paste these:

  • Em dash (U+2014) —
  • En dash (U+2013) –
  • Multiplication sign (U+00D7) ×
  • Ellipsis (U+2026) …
  • Right-facing arrow (U+2192) →

These are the Unicode characters I use most often. On Linux, you can simply press Ctrl-Shift-U and then type the code point to insert the character.

Also see here for an explanation on the dash differences (and the minus sign U+2212 − which is not a dash or hyphen!)

edit: also, this is another good resource


The "dash differences" are interesting. When there was only a hyphen available on the keyboard of a typewriter there of course were no em- or en-dashes, and they were typed this way:

hyphen: (-)
* hyphen (no spaces around it, except when used as in the 2nd sentence above)
* minus sign (space before it, or space before and after if used as subtraction sign)
* en-dash (no spaces around it)

dash : two hyphens with no space between them, or around them [almost always] (--)
* em-dash

Is there any reason to use an en-dash? Using the hyphen will do just as well for reading. Both en- and em-dashes are not in the ASCII character set..


Yes: you most commonly use an en-dash for number ranges (pages 10–20, exhibits A–E). You can also use it for multi-word hyphenations, such as "stock market–related."

Regarding ASCII: there's really not too much in ASCII. Everything supports the Unicode standard now.

See here for more hyphen/dash info.


Yes, I understand what en-dashes are to be used for. But I'd like to know why they are used. They don't do anything that a hyphen will not do just as well.

"Everything" does not use the Unicode standard now. I suspect that there are still out there far more webpages in 8-bit character sets than in Unicode. Certainly there is an enormous number of pages in the Russian language that use 8-bit code pages, and they all have ASCII as the first half of the code pages, but not em- or en-dashes.

But that doesn't matter. The question is, what good does an en-dash actually do?


slogger's question is perfectly legitimate. Unfortunely, the only answer is "We do things that way because that's how we have always done them." If this is unsatisfying, it is still the reason we do 99% of things we do. We may find reasons to support doing them as we do them, but we actually do them that way because that's just how it has "always" (in our experience) been done. Welcome to mortal life among the human race.


To understand the why, you’d need to delve into the history of typography. For example, old German typefaces had hyphens which looked like tilted equal signs, and thus were entirely unsuitable for performing double duty as dashes. (Hyphens were generally designed to match a typeface’s style, while dashes were rules [thin straight lines] of defined widths.)


> "We do things that way because that's how we have always done them."

All the way back to prehistoric times, eh, and maybe beyond?

This is not a "chicken-and-egg" question. We have not always done things that way. I started programming computers in the 1970s and we did not use em- or en-dashes at that time. Notice, for instance, that they are not in the ASCII set of characters designed in the early 1960s for universal use by computers, which is still in use worldwide (the first 128 characters in a code page, and a subset of UTF-8, etc.). Someone decided since then that we should use em- and en-dashes as we do on computers.

The only advantage I can see is not "automatically" and "accidentally" splitting up a dash (two adjacent hyphens) when formatting text. Formatting text is not a "natural" thing, and someone had to make that decision.

Anyway, it's not a subject i want to debate. I've said my say, and just because I find em- and especially en-dashes a needless, annoying, almost useless complication won't change anything.


You are missing the point, slogger. I'm actually agreeing with you; I don't see the sense in having two separate dash symbols, plus a hyphen, plus a negative sign, plus a subtraction sign, plus a mid-level horizontal slash... But even if we put them both together, our combined opinions won't get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The point is, those separate dash symbols grew out of separate use cases. The fact that you never used them in programming is utterly irrelevant; these are typographic issues, not coding issues. And there are perfectly good, logical, eminently practicable historical reasons that these things have evolved -- even if you really dislike them, and despite your absurdly hyperliteral interpretation of my wording.

The question of whether we ought to keep separate dashes is worthy of discussion. Maybe, at some point in time, we will be in a position to do something about it. But simply dismissing the existence of various midline horizontal separators and saying how stupid it is that they even exist is ignorant, and in any case useless.


I'm glad we're in agreement, sbeecroft.

The point I was trying to make was concerning "We do things that way because that's how we have always done them." In this case that is not so. There is no "always" for computers. Someone had to introduce the use of em- and (especially) en-dashes onto computers at some time. There is no reason that en-dashes should have been accepted when a hyphen will do as well and is already on our keyboards, so that we need not waste keystrokes entering octal numbers to put hyphen equivalents into our texts.

But you are right, it's done now. The only thing we can do about it, really, is to not bother with en-dashes. Probably no one will notice.


> To understand the why . . .

But "old German typefaces" have nothing to do with why what was standard a generation or two ago in English should be complicated by something that really serves no useful purpose. Using dashes and hyphens--doing without em- and en-dashes--is perfectly legible. Why complicate things to no purpose?


Sometimes when you put two small dashes next to each other the computer merges them. Idk :P


I thought it wasn't going to work, but hey :D


Obrigado pelos lições de portugues!


I still can't upload a photo!


Don't use any spaces. Also, you need to link directly to an image (the image should be the only thing you see on the website). I suggest using imgur and following my instructions above.


Hahahaha...CHHOOOO CUUUUTTTEEE!! Makes me laugh


aww i think my heart just melted!


How did you do this? I keep trying the syntax and nothing works..:((


Just practicing, as I am a dodohead.


Dodoheadness has now ceased slightly.







.... Right, that did not go well.


Testing with a somewhat random photo (not mine and I don't live in Houston) from imgur:



I live near Houston, and I gotta say, that is definately true.


It doesn't works :'(


sorry, people like me don't know what you're talking about.


Almost! No spaces between ](

[deactivated user]


    Duolingo is awesome!!

    [deactivated user]

      [deactivated user]

        Can you share a picture from your computer?


        No. First you have to upload the picture to a hosting site like tinypic.com. From there, you can share it.

        [deactivated user]

          Is it trustworthy? I'll get in BIG trouble if I virus this computer


          Uploading a pic to a hosting site won't put any viruses on your computer.


          The text that goes into the square brackets "[]" is the alternate text that shows up if the image doesn't.


          Duo! Duo

          Thanks for this!

          • 2743

          Above Imgur Below


          This is good. It works for real. Thanks! Have a lingot anyways.


          I've made this pic to have at hand. Sorry that it's in dark mode...



          Ohhh : I have just found this today ! Thank you kristinemc.

          Also, in case others who come across this post, you might like to check out :

          It also has links to other posts, such as how to use Unicode images in your posts as well as other formatting hints.


          So no actual uploading image. Just url?


          Gracias por la informacion. Voila ton lingot! Vous le meritez. :-)


          Hooray! Thanks a lot madam.




          Nope...no image and I copied the formatting from OP and link from imgur <sob>

          [deactivated user]


            Do I need some text?



            Making a test.



            You should add a .png after writing the image URL in the bracket like (https://imgur.com/a/FeTbPvL.png)


            Lol this is now a photo thread






            I don't think it works for me


            Thank You For Support Quotes | Thank ... pinterest.com


            Thank You For Support Quotes | Thank ... pinterest.com


            Can't get .png link of a photo on imgur anymore. But this link has an alternative method.


            Can you use picmonkey to?




            margophillips, you'll need to upload the images to a website like imgur. The link you've provided won't work for anyone but you. You'll also need to write it in the syntax provided, which is ![image title](http://imgur.com/whatever).

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