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French Beta

When I open the first page @ start, I get a posting showing different french & english words. what I don't understand what to do with it.

If you try to click on the posting it will disappear?

Am i to copy the words on paper - then where do I post them for my progress and narks?

July 22, 2012



Hello willsong, I'm going to include more information than you probably need - to cover all possibilities. If I click on "Home" I see my skill tree.

If I hover the mouse over one of the sections of the tree (a module?) a black box appears. (I think this may be the posting you ask about. I may be wrong.)

The black box contains title, a gold button and a number like 1/999, a summary of the lesson, some sample words, etc.

If I click on the module at the side of the black message box the next lesson in the module appears.

If i click on the lesson itself a book appears. I click on the book and the lesson starts. (In my case the lesson usually has to be started several times - I have only done a couple of lessons in one go.)

Does this help?


>>Am i to copy the words on paper - then where do I post them for my progress and narks?

You can see your words in Vocabulary section. But yes, it is also a nice idea to copy them to paper or a document. You should not hesitate to use other means of learning, it always does you good! For example, I use Duolingo for learning and practising words and busuu.com for interacting with people and practice of writing (not translating). I also keep a record of my new words in a Google spreadsheet and import them to Flashcards Deluxe on my iPhone. And I listen to Michel Thomas's audio course, it's just marvellous. And of course I browse the internet for grammar when I can't figure it out for myself.

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