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  5. كلمات سعاد ماسي "لست أدري"


كلمات سعاد ماسي "لست أدري"

listen to the song and read along

جئت، لا أعلم من أين، ولكنّي أتيت

ولقد أبصرت قدّامي طريقا فمشيت

وسأبقى ماشيا إن شئت هذا أم أبيت

كيف جئت؟ كيف أبصرت طريقي؟

لست أدري!

لست أدري!

أجديد أم قديم أنا في هذا الوجود

لست أدري!

هل أنا حرّ طليق أم أسير في قيود

لست أدري!

هل أنا قائد نفسي في حياتي أم مقود

لست أدري! أتمنّى أنّني أدري ولكن ولكن ولكن...

وطريقي، ما طريقي؟ أطويل أم قصير؟

لست أدري!

و هل أنا أصعد أم أهبط فيه وأغور

لست أدري!

أأنا السّائر في الدّرب أم الدّرب يسير

لست أدري!

أم كلاّنا واقف والدّهر يجري؟

لست أدري!

قد سألت البحر يوما يا بحر منكا؟

لست أدري!

هل صحيح ما رواه بعضهم عني وعنكا؟

لست أدري!

أم ترى ما زعموا زوار وبهتانا وإفكا؟

لست أدري!

ضحكت أمواجه مني وقالت:

لست أدري!

لست أدري!

Nice write up on the Album

August 4, 2019



Ahhh, reading this as I listen to one of Abdel Haleem Hafed's masterpieces "Qareat El Fengan قارئة الفنجان" written by the other legend, Nizar Qabbani


Ah yes... this is an old song! I think Abdul-Haleem Hafid'(عبدالحليم حافظ) sang it once (back in the 70s or 60s)


I love the album. I’m going to learn the lyrics to each song and study each poet/author.

بم التعلل

لست أدري




الحرية. “Freedom“ Ahmed Matar”

فيا ليلى

الخيل و البيداء



Here is an article about the album

“One of most coveted singer-songwriters in the Arab World, Souad Massi, has returned with a bold yet gently exquisite new album, fusing classic Arabic poetry with western jazz, reggae and balladry.

Roughly translated, El Mutakallimȗn means Masters of the Word and rightfully so.

The Algerian nightingale’s new album is a brave and adventurous compilation of 10 beautiful texts in Arabic (with translations provided), ranging from work by the 6th century poet Zouhaïr Ibn Abi Salma to Tunisian poet Abu al-Wassim al-Shabbi’s early 20th century works.

Dedicated to to the Arab-Andalusian poets of Spain, the album was produced to remind the world of the beauty of the Arab culture.

“The Arab-Muslim world has produced great works in science, philosophy, mathematics, medicine and poetry,” Massi said in an interview with the Middle East Eye. “But it all seems forgotten now.”

For Massi, it was important to address this issue through the medium she knows best – music.

“We (Arabs) are not barbarians or uncivilized people…” Massi told Middle East Eye. “Arab youth sometimes faces an identity crisis; and in France, where I live, they sometimes have to choose between rejection of their own culture or a rather skewed version of their religion.”

El Mutakallimȗn serves a dual purpose. First, to remind the Arab youth and diaspora of their lost identity and secondly, to remind people of the richness of the Arab civilization and what it has done for the world. While Europe stagnated during the Dark Ages, the Arab world flourished in the sciences, medicine and the arts, including Spain which was then ruled by the Arab Muslims.”...

Read more at link sbove

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