Does not ask me to write in Russian

I came across a typing excercise and it asked me to write in Russian, isl didn't have the Russian keyboard, and I accidentally pressed "ignore". Since then it never asked me to write in Russian even after adding the keyboard, any solution how to make it ask me to write in Russian again ?

August 4, 2019


If you haven't already worked it out, if it was an audio task (a spoken sentence in Russian that you then needed to type in Russian after hearing it) by pressing "Ignore" you've probably disabled the listening exercises.

Whether you're on a PC, Android or iOS mobile the solution isn't too different. Essentially you just open Duolingo's settings menu and just make sure the speaking exercises and listening exercises (and any of the other general settings you need) are all switched on.

That should solve your problem. One thing to be aware of though, in my experience on some Skills in the Russian course, I've found that some of the exercises don't ask you to type very much in Russian until you've reached level 3 and beyond.

August 4, 2019

Dude, congrats on your streak. What is your experience with the russian learning course so far? I am from Germany and would love to learn to speak russian as well. I am now 2 months or so into the course and it is fun.

August 4, 2019

Hi Thure, Thanks. Yes, I passed 365 days on Duolingo a couple of days ago - with no fanfare and without a visit from any green-coloured nocturnal species of bird.....)

I'm probably slightly different to most people doing the Duolingo Russian course in that I've spent several years living in Russia. So really I'm using Duolingo to help improve my conversational Russian. I'm not learning it "from scratch."

Many years ago (before I came to Russia) I did a weekly evening course in Russian, for about 6 months, at a language school in London. Also, when I moved to Moscow we had a Russian teacher come into our office on a weekly basis. For various reasons, although these exposures to having a Russian teacher did help me - in neither case did I learn as much as I hoped I would.

So I have an advantage (being in Moscow) that (apart from my work - which entirely in English) in my day-to-day life the only language I hear is Russian. Also, when I recently replaced my computer, I bought an HP laptop locally - so it has a physical English/Russian keyboard. That helps a bit when I switch from the mobile to the desktop version of Duolingo.

My experience with Duolingo has been generally good, it has helped me improve, and feel more confident in speaking Russian - my goal really is to improve my conversational Russian.

On the whole I'm happy with Duolingo but it does have some flaws but it helps/is helping me, fits in with my lifestyle and gives me what I need.

But if I was learning Russian back in the UK, or elsewhere, I'd definitely supplement Duolingo with other learning resources too.

It doesn't happen often (fortunately) but there are some faults/errors/mistakes (whatever you want to call them) in the Russian course which are sometimes highlighted in this forum by native Russian speakers.

Even myself, when I've been doing some of Duolingo's audio exercises at home, sometimes a Russian friend has been with me and she's pointed out (on several occasions) that Duolingo gets it wrong at times (particularly on its choice of letters in individual words/words in sentences - where specific stress/emphasis should be and Duo sometimes fails to get this right.

Again, not often, but you do come across some really basic mistakes in the supporting English too - which really shouldn't occur... On the latter, I do feel (particularly) for non-native English speakers who are learning Russian with Duolingo from English.

But on the whole (these small annoying mistakes aside) my experience of Duolingo has been very positive.

August 4, 2019

Are you sure Duolingo will help you be conversational? After having spent 2,5 years in the course I have very much zero conversational ability. I don't mind much because I'm interested in reading and listening most of all, but for someone like you seems to be the least effective tool. Maybe you should try Pimsleur audio course instead? I've only done 10 or so lessons but it seems to really get you start talking the language.

August 4, 2019

I've been very lazy learning Russian but for sure Duolingo has helped improve my spoken Russian (you need to understand that I am in Moscow and typically don't encounter very many English speakers - so in a way I am forced to speak Russian). This morning for example, I was on my way to the local petshop (a 5-10 minute walk from my apartment) and was stopped on the street by a Russian guy who asked me where the nearest Pyaterochka (Пятерочка) is (a well-known Russian mini-supermarket). I was able to give him pretty good/clear instructions in Russian which, pre-Duolingo, I wouldn't have been able to do half as well. If I get time I'll check out Pimsleur though.

August 4, 2019

I am too

August 4, 2019
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