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"Palestine and Iraq"

Translation:فِلَسْطين وَالْعِراق

August 4, 2019



Why not Alfilasteen?


Because (most) countries don't have the definite article in Arabic since they are proper noun. It's the same reason why we don't say "the Palestine".

Note that some countries have a definite article. Basically, if their names are not proper nouns, they have definite articles. For instance

  • Yemen = اليمن means the right (opposite of left) in old Arabic
  • Sudan = السودان means the blacks, as in the people who are black
  • Irak = العراق means the origin
  • Algeria = الجزائر means the islands (this is a special case, since the al- entered in the Latin name)
  • Morocco = المغرب means the Occident

  • 1375

Yemen = land of fortune (from Yumn يُمن as opposite to عُسْر).
Iraq = land of rivers (from 3irq عِرق, and some attribute it to the ancient name Uruk but I don't think so).

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