Learning Turkish isn't easy.

Im going on holiday to Turkey tomorrow so i am just doing non-stop Turkish practice!

August 4, 2019


I don't find it easy either but I really like the language.

August 4, 2019

Turkish language is really different, but there is something special in this language. I just started learning this language i just want see how long i can learn this magical language.

August 5, 2019

lemme tell you something, I'm Turkish and i have been speaking Turkish for 27 years, but when I just look at its grammar my mind really blows up ! the fact is its totally different from Indo-European languages! keep practicing and good luck

August 12, 2019

The best part i like about Farsi and Turkish is the fact that there is no difference between man and woman in their grammar.

August 30, 2019

Good luck!

August 6, 2019

Turkish is cool and's too different from anything I know so I'll never be fluent..but I don't need that. Just go with it, trying is the best thing you can do. Have fun in Turkey.

August 6, 2019

A person can speak fluently a new language after 5 years of practice. If you learned so much after few months, you must feel optimist!

August 7, 2019

I found learning turkish so fun and easy so far! Arrived in istanbul 3 weeks ago.. I'm only level 1, so maybe I haven't reached the challenging parts yet haha

fingers crossed

August 19, 2019
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