How to use the word 'even' in Dutch?

Not the english even, but the dutch one. 'Zet zijn die vuilnisbak even aan de straat'. 'Als ik vanavond tijd heb, kom ik even bij je langs.'

August 4, 2019


Even as an adverb means 'for a short period' or 'briefly'. (like in your second sentence)

It can also mean 'for a moment' where the speaker expects that something will require little time or effort, like 'Could you please close the door for me (for a moment)?' would be 'Zou je even de deur voor me dicht willen doen?' (like in your first sentence)

It can also mean 'to the same degree' when used with an adjective. 'Zijn huis is even mooi als mijn huis' would be 'His house is as beautiful as my house'.

Ps: the first sentence isn't totally correct, I'd correct it but I don't know exactly what you wanted to say.

August 4, 2019

Thank you a lot, it explains many examples I've already seen. I got the first sentence from a grammar book, but it had no explanation for this particular usage. However I think what they meant was 'with little time and effort' as well. I found an equivalent for this word in my native language, so I got it now. Thank you!

August 4, 2019
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