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  5. "Tem dinheiro nestas calças."

"Tem dinheiro nestas calças."

Translation:There is money in these pants.

April 18, 2013



How is "You have money in these pants" incorrect? How do you say that? Is "tem" a generic "there is", like hay or il y a or es gibt?


Yep.. the correct is "há" (both singular and plural), but hardly ever you will hear "há leite na geladeira?", but "tem leite na geladeira?". Its wrong, but the more than a half people say.... it means "hay" / "il y a".


Thank you! That explains it. Does the "have" necessarily refer to the pants, rather than their owner?


As there's no context, it seems to be general (there to be - haver). If it would be related to a specific owner, the best thing would be to include the subject (ele tem dinheiro nestas calças - he has money in these pants)


Perfect! I'm learning the tricks slowly. Thanks.


;)hope you get them little by little :)


Hey melesana, i'm native german speaker and just so you know: nobody ever says 'es gibt' in this context. you would say sonething like 'da ist geld in dieser hose' or something like that ;)


In other words, if the subject is not included with "Tem" then it must be assumed to be like hay / il y a ?


Not really. For example: "tá vendo aquela moça?" / (do you that woman?) / "sim, tô vendo" (yeah, i do) / "tem dinheiro.... (she has (much) money). So, as we have a context, we know it is referred to the 3rd person. So, we know that through the context.... as there was none on this sentence we assume it's the verb haver

[deactivated user]

    But, shouldn't it be tem dinheiro nesta calça?

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