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"Are you happy in your city, George?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتَ سَعيد في مَدينَتَك يا جورْج؟

August 4, 2019



What is the difference between madinatik and madinatak

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the accurate spelling should be "madínatik" - the audio is wrong.

I will break this down a bit. Originally the word is (madínah), meaning city.
The last "h" sound changes to "T" whenever we move it with a vowel. We need to add a vowel here because we want to attach a suffix for "your" (which is -k ـك). Thus, the word would normally be Madínatuk.
However, before this word we have "fí" (in). This preposition causes the noun that comes after it to have Kasrah, and thus Madínatuk becomes Madínatik (notice we are talking about the original word and not the suffix "K". The Kasrah or "i" must follow the original word).


this is incorrect. its "madinatak" because the last vowel follows the gender of the person who is possessive. -ik for women, -ak for men. in this case George is a man, so the ending is -ak.

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madínati-ka (prepositional case)

the rule of (-ak) you're talking about is dialectical, not standard Arabic.


thank you - was going to point this out as well. hope it's fixed soon


I though fi is a harf jarr

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It is.
The audio is wrong.

It should be "madínatika"


Don't relieved on audio Madinatik is for female Madinatak is for male


Don't rely on audio Madinatik is for female Madinatak is for male

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