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  5. "ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا سيث؟"

"ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا سيث؟"

Translation:What is new, Seth?

August 4, 2019



It should be 'what is the news, Seth'. Because الأخبار means news and الجديد means new as in ' a new car (سيرة جديدة )


In Greek, there is an expression "Ti khabaria? " (What's up?) And in Persian, for the same idea, they can say "Che khabar?" There must be a similar thing in Turkish.


And in Swahili the most common greeting is Habari? which also comes from the Arabic


This is same thing like us in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) or in Malay. We use "kabar" for news, it derived from Arabic: "khabar", but in Malay they used "khabar". Indonesian Language is one of Malay dialect and the most widespoken Malay dialect. Before we used Latin Alphabet, we used Jawi (Malay Arabic Script) for both Indonesian and Malay.


Not necessarily - Turkish is from a completely different language family.


So is Greek, but Greek had a lot of influence from Turkish because of the Ottoman Empire, and Turkish had a lot of influence from Arabic because of Islam. It's reasonable to guess that if Greek looks like it borrowed something from Arabic, it likely got it indirectly via Turkish rather than directly from Arabic.


Should be accepting - what are the news?


New = جديد News = الاخبار

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