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  5. "my wife Rania"

"my wife Rania"

Translation:زَوْجَتي رانْيا

August 4, 2019



How do you tell the difference between "my wife Rania" and "my wife is Rania"?



1st - we can differentiate both from the context. But, it would not be much helpful in Duolingo.

2nd - in Duolingo, there is no "." (full stop/period) sign for the phrase at the end of a statement while there is "." (full stop/period) at end of a statement if it is a sentence. At the statement above, we can see that there is no "." (full stop/period). So, it is surely a phrase.

3rd - we can put هي in the middle of the sentence to distinguish: زوجتي (هي) رانيا "my wife is Rania" from زوجي رانيا "my wife Rania".


Why do you not need يا in front of Rania? Is يا used only in the dative case?

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