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  5. "a smart American girl"

"a smart American girl"

Translation:بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة

August 4, 2019



Is there a reason it has to be amerikiya dhakiya instead of dhakiya Amerikiya?? Theyre both modifying Bint...

August 4, 2019


Well, the common thing in Arabic is to follow the noun with the closest adjective in case of more than one adjective following. Here, Amrikiyah (american) is an identity adjective so it is typically attached first, then any other adjectives ... I think it is somewhat also the same in English. I believe "a smart american girl" is more common than " an american smart girl"

August 4, 2019


without SOUNDS it is near impossible for me as a beginning Arab student to grasp more complete/complicated sentences

August 25, 2019
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