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  5. "هُناك لاب توب."

"هُناك لاب توب."

Translation:There is a laptop.

August 4, 2019



Very confusing pronounciation

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again, the speech machine is screwing things up.
Anyway, Laptop is laptop, as you say it, even though this is the term is not quite the Arabic name for it. But well, it is widely used among people, cross the dialects.


حاسوب محمول would be better :)


Why would you divide the word for "laptop" into to words?

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The word itself is not Arabic and there is a different one for "laptop" in Arabic but rather it's a long one. Anyway, I suppose the division of the word here comes from the fact that it is already a combination of 2 words in English: Lap and Top. Thus transliterating that into Arabic, probably, was put into 2 separate words.


Probably for the same reason as "CD" became... "C D".


more confusing when you know the word does not exist in a proper dictionnary, you're just learning a "Lahdja", it means the arabic or "familiar arabic" of some region, and not THE arabic you should learn know as "Fos7a". it's like you're learning the "french of Québec" or some varient of a language :/ .


Hunak Labtob (Laptop, but arabic doesn't have the letter P)

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