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Font size in Arabic

Does anyone else think that the font size for the Arabic script is too small, especially withe the kesra etc. shown. It should be of a size that is easy to read.

August 4, 2019



Yeah I agree. You're definitely not the only person to notice this! It is way too small. I've heard there are ways to get around it (e.g. Zooming in with Ctrl or downloading add ons to increase the size) but hopefully Duolingo will fix the font size at some point.


Quite a few solutions have been posted here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32834604


For me it's a good size, but if you need the font to be bigger, you can always zoom into the screen by clicking Ctrl and the + button at the same time. If you need to zoom out, you can click Ctrl and the - button at the same time. (BTW this is a keyboard shortcut so I think it only works with computers and laptops)


Search it in the search bar of the forum. There are solutions there.

GL! :D


Yes. It is much too small.

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