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  5. "هَل مَدينَتَك باريس يا سام؟"

"هَل مَدينَتَك باريس يا سام؟"

Translation:Is your city Paris, Sam?

August 4, 2019



does this mean that Sam is from Paris or something else?


Right? This sentence seems completely decontextualized. I've imagined two different scenarios for this question. 1) Sam and his classmates are playing 20 questions to practice their Arabic vocabulary/asking questions. Each student has a city and Sam's might be Paris. 2) It's a poorly written question that has more to do with teaching a specific concept than idiomatic expressions.


Can this also be asking 'Is Paris your city Sam'?


With theae second person nouns, does the short vpwel go above or below the letter?

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