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  5. "جَدّي مُهَنْدِس."

"جَدّي مُهَنْدِس."

Translation:My grandfather is an engineer.

August 4, 2019



Please be a bit more flexible. My grandfather is engineer is maybe not correct in English but it is not a meaningful error. For people like me who are forced to learn Arabic from a language that is not their native language, it is a bit frustrating.


I totally agree with you. Even if somebody's English is good, Duolingo is very strict even about misprints/typos in English sentences but quite flexible if you make mistakes in Arabic. Hard to understand the logic.


@Juvava - easy to understand the logic. You are learning Arabic so will make mistakes. You are learning it through English, which you already know. At least much better than Arabic. Else you'd have been learning English if it was the other way around.

So leniency is shown on the language you are weak in; the language you are learning.


They are teaching Arabic, not English; shouldn't the pronunciations be Arabic instead of English. It is no excuse that you don't have a sound in your language, so you can say whatever. If an article deserves no leniency, neither does wrong pronunciations.


Pretty sure it's because "engineer" has a masculine ending here, and with any of the other options (all female relatives) it would have changed to have the female ending to match the gender of person.


Masculine : جدي مهندس Feminine : جدتي مهندسة


One of the four options was jhadday. Is that a word?


the pronunciation of grandfather in arabic is wrong...


Maybe I'm missing something but are we to infer that the answer is grandfather because "engineering" is a mans job? Or is it that the word engineering is written in a masculine way?


Haha. Its because has masculine declination


... masculine declension. Declination is a term in linguistics or astronomy, not grammar. I expect it's the French influence, déclinaison.


No, gib379021. Because the word "engineer" is masculine here.

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