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"He kaikuahine moloā ʻo Kaʻiulani."

Translation:Kaʻiulani is a lazy sister of a brother.

August 4, 2019



I'm glad we aren't dealing with useless people anymore... LAZY??!!! Now we are on Lazy?!?!


Curious - how do you differentiate between "the" specific sibling vs. "a" random sibling in Hawaiian. Because I've been corrected for both now (I put "the" when the program wanted "a" and I put "a" when it wanted "the" and i don't know how to make the decision) when translating into English. What markers am i missing?


Kaikuahine = The sister of a brother.

Link: http://wehewehe.org/gsdl2.85/cgi-bin/hdict?e=q-11000-00---off-0hdict--00-1----0-10-0---0---0direct-10-ED--4--textpukuielbert%2ctextmamaka%2ctextandrew%2ctextparker%2ctextpeplace%2ctextclark%2ctextchd-----0-1l--11-en-Zz-1---Zz-1-home-kaikuahine--00-4-1-00-0--4----0-0-11-00-0utfZz-8-00&a=d&d=D72025

kaikuahine = Sister or female cousin of a male.


...(kaikunāne) means brother, and (kaikuahine) means sister. However, ... these terms apply specifically to the brother of girl, or the sister of a boy.

This means that if you are a boy and want to refer to your brother , you need to identify whether he is your older brother (kaikuaʻana) or younger brother (kaikaina). ...the same terms are used to identify the older and younger sister of a girl. (Page 179, Hawaiian Language Fundamentals ʻŌLELO ʻŌIWI, Hōkūlani Cleeland)


Doesnt make sense


Aloha e @Dahvian1 , I am wondering if you mean the English translation does not make sense? I agree, but you have to remember that there are many words in other languages that do not translate well in another. Many languages have words for family members that are based on the relationship between gender, age, and speaker/spoken-to to name a few. English does not have many of these words with codified meanings for family members, and so there really is no better way to translate this sentence... ;[[

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